Agents Republic introduces new small business call center solution

Cloud-based contact center, Agents Republic, has established its Small Business Call Center, aimed at providing live agent call support for small businesses.

Agents Republic introduces new small business call center solution

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September 26, 2023 2:29 PM

Cloud-based contact center, Agents Republic, has established its Small Business Call Center, aimed at providing live agent call support for small businesses. Agents Republic is a cloud based call centre company based in Vancouver, Canada with strong international connections.

Founder and CEO of Agents Republic, David Papp, says the company is now offering tailor-made services to small and medium scale enterprises. Agents Republic’s new services for this group will allow smaller companies to leverage in-demand live agent call support for their businesses, which will increase growth and customer satisfaction. Papp says, through this innovation, small businesses can now enjoy professional support from the company’s team of customer service experts. He reiterates that small businesses can now focus on their core competencies while leaving their customer service support to Agents Republic.

“We empower your business by providing an easy to set-up, cost-effective, scalable customer support powered by cutting-edge cloud-based technology. A lot of cloud call center services companies do not consider small business owners. This is due to their limited budget, or their call volume is too small to hire a team or a customer service outsourcing company. For these reasons, Agents Republic has created the Live Customer Support as a Service offering. It allows small businesses to cater to their customers’ needs 24/7 and never miss a new business opportunity. If the small business keeps growing, it can always switch to our premium services in the future, making us a holistic solution to all their business needs,” Papp states.

Papp says the Small Business Customer Support package guarantees quality service delivery to small business owners who aim to upscale their businesses on a budget. He explains that this service ensures customers have uninterrupted access to agents that can assist them with any issues. The simple 6 step setup process can be completed in as little as 20 minutes online. Papp says small scale businesses do not need to worry about missed calls or new business opportunities, even after business hours or on public holidays. He adds that the service also includes live monitoring where small businesses can examine their call center remotely with ease. Papp explains that businesses can also access their dashboard anytime for call statistics, charts, analytics, and more, as they provide immediate feedback or instructions for callbacks if needed. Clients can access the conversations between agents and customers as well, which is an added benefit Agents Republic exclusively provides.

“Our clients can also access voice recordings between our agents. They are downloadable and can be stored locally. This gives our clients peace of mind that all their data is processed according to the highest level of North American and EU Information security standards (GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA),” says Papp.

Agents Republic now has agents who speak over 146 languages while the company offers services to clients around the world. The company now specializes in more languages than any other call center, meaning that Agents Republic has the ability to serve any client anywhere in the world.

Since Agents Republic was founded, it has strived to provide next generation contact center services with a global workforce and enhanced customer experience. Papp says the Small Business Customer Support provides minute-based pricing, which helps small businesses save costs as they only pay based on the number of minutes the agents actually handle their calls. According to him, this will minimize small businesses’ customer support expenditures while they receive quality live support. In the future, Agents Republic may expand their services so more small and local businesses have a trusted provider they can rely on regardless of their location.

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