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Why Does Real Human Interaction Still Matter in Customer Service?

You’ve had this happen a hundred times. You need to make a call or chat to somebody, whether it’s your bank, the auto repair shop, or your insurance agency. You pick up the phone to make the call or open the chat and suddenly, someone – or rather something – picks up and answers. It’s a call center automated phone system (IVR) or a chatbot flow, maybe an AI in the backend. Whatever machine it is, you immediately either exit, hang up or dial 0 to get to a human operator, someone who really understands your problem.

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Agents Republic and its Commitment to Fostering an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

Agents Republic and its Commitment to Fostering an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is fundamental to provide a variety of human-focused services worldwide and keep Agents Republic an ideal partner in customer service for globally expanding businesses. But how can you take advantage of remote work and what actions are needed to be more diverse and inclusive?

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What it means to work with us

I enjoy very much working with AR because the communication is great and I appreciate the opportunity for a flexible schedule.
Payment has been always processed in a timely manner. I also would like to thank you for helping me throughout the whole application process.


I am grateful for the team at Agents Republic and highly recommend working for the company.


I enjoy working for Agents Republic and feel appreciated that the company trusts my skills and experiences. The supervisors are all very helpful and patient, and are there when I need them.


I am a native French speaker and enjoy being a part of such a multinational corporation.


I’ve been with Agents Republic for a while now and I’ve already felt from the very beginning to be in a very inclusive environment – my second home. Being 13 years in the industry I can confidently state that Agents Republic is the best company I have worked for. I highly recommend AR to both my peers and past clients. Thank you very much for having me as an agent.


It is a great pleasure working with Agents Republic. I really enjoy working in the global projects team and I am looking forward to contribute with my 7 year experience and professional customer support skills


Working with Agents Republic has been a pleasure! The supervisors are very nice and are always ready to help. The instructions are very clear, which is one of the many reasons why to work for them.

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