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Customer Support Agent in Mask Representing Preparations to tackle COVID-19

Do you struggle serving your customers during Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak?

Losing business? Can’t manage the volume of inquiries and your customers are complaining about the long wait times?

Looking for a quick and scalable customer support solution with remote, work-at-home agents?

Need a professional reliable outsourcing partner to help you to adapt to unforeseen circumstances?

If one of those answers is yes, then you are at the right place!

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Our core competency is providing scalable customer support services with globally distributed workforce. We have a large pool of experienced multilingual work-at-home agents with various skill sets to cover most of the industries and languages. Currently we offer discounted rate for companies impacted due to the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) who are in need of quick turnaround for urgent additional capacity.

Services are available 24/7/365 in all time zones across multiple channels: phone, email, chat, video chat and social media. Agents are carefully selected, trained and certified to represent global brands, and equipped with local market knowledge in regional dialects.

Benefits for arranging with us your emergency scale-up rapid response customer support

No lost sales, due to

  • scalable capacities (we are able to set up service in a matter of days)
  • quick response time to service needs
  • high quality service by trained and certified agents with sense of ownership

Less costs, due to

  • staff size flexibly adjusts to service needs enabled by the cloud-based technology
  • global sourcing offering the best prices and different alternatives for coverage and service levels
  • optimized costs enabled by optional hi-tech AI-enhanced solutions

More focus on serving clients, due to

  • highly scalable on-demand services
  • no time consuming human resource and operations issues
  • peace of mind of working with a professional call center agency

Agents Republic is a leading call center providing customer support services with 13 year track record working with startups, mid-sized companies, and multinational corporations. We provide our solutions through cloud-based model with the same cutting-edge technology used by Amazon for its customer service associates around the world to power millions of customer conversations. Whether you optimize locally or expand globally, you need a reliable partner that exceeds your expectations. 

Get started with Agents Republic COVID-19 customer service solutions today! To qualify for the COVID-19 discount, please describe in detail how your business was impacted due to the coronavirus disease outbreak. Ask for a quote using the discount code ‘COVID-19’!

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