Phone Answering Service

Enjoy professional support from a team of customer service experts. We will answer your calls whenever and however you want, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

A better way to support your customers

Focus on your core competencies and let us take your customer support to the next level. We empower your business by providing a cost-effective, scalable customer support powered by cutting-edge cloud-based technology.


24/7/365 service

Provide your customers 24/7 call center service, after-hours support or a custom service with a 365 days a year availably


Quick setup

6 step setup process can be completed in 20 minutes online. You can enjoy your new customer service line right away!



Focus on your core business while we take care of your customers for as low as $550/month. Check pricing to learn more.

Cutting edge software
that comes with a team

Plenty of cloud call center platforms are out there, but small business owners don’t always have the time, budget, or call volume to hire a team or a customer service outsourcing company. We heard you and created Live Customer Support as a Service. Cater to your customers 24/7 and never miss a new business opportunity. Start using it today, and if you keep growing, you can always switch to our premium services.

Easy setup


Choose a number

Select a phone number to which your inbound calls would be forwarded or use it as primary phone number (1 min)


Customize call settings

Select a welcome greeting, wait music,  hours of operations and more (5 min)


Set integrations

Add your email for notifications or integrate with your CRM provider (4 min)


Add agent script

Select up to 3 inquiry cases and provide a brief description for our agents on how to handle them (10 min)


Test your new line

Dial your new number to check if all settings are correct and test agents


Select your plan

Enjoy your new service! Our agents will handle your calls per your settings and instructions.



24/7 availability

Your customers will be served 24/7 365 days a year. No need to worry about missed calls or new business opportunities, even after business hours or on public holidays.


Customizable IVR

Set your welcome greetings, wait for music, business yours and more! You will have options to store voice recordings, instruct agents to handle missed and/or after hours calls.


Minute-based pricing

Save costs by paying based on the number of minutes our agents actually handle calls. Minimize your customer support expenditures and receive quality live support.


Instant setup

Complete the whole setup within 20 minutes or less! Simply choose a plan, answer some questions and let our agents help you handle your calls.


Custom phone number

Search based on your preferred area code to reserve local or toll free phone numbers for either transfer your calls or promote. Currently available: US, Canada, UK.



Prefer clients leave voicemail after hours? Set a custom message to let you customers know that we received their message and will get back to them the next day.



Access your dashboard anytime from anywhere using your PC, smartphone or tablet. A mobile-compatible design allows you to manage all call center features right on your screen



Never miss a call due to the lack of resources during traffic spikes. We scale as your call volume surges. Should call volumes permanently increase, you may upgrade to premium support anytime.


Live monitoring

Monitor your call center with ease! Access your dashboard anytime for call statistics, analytics, charts and more. Provide immediate feedback or instructions for callbacks if needed.


Call recording

Access voice recordings between our agents and your clients. They will be stored securely and accessible anytime. You may also download them to store locally.


CRM integration

Integrate your preferred CRM system or create an email notification for a smoother workflow. Currently available CRM integrations: Help Scout, HubSpot



Have peace of mind that all data is processed according to the highest level of North American and EU Information security standards (GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA).


/ monthStart 30 Day Trial
  • minutes included
  • Shared agents
  • Standard supervision
  • English only
  • Phone only
  • Real time analytics
/ monthStart 30 Day Trial
  • minutes included
  • Shared agents
  • Standard supervision
  • English only
  • Phone only
  • Real time analytics

Bulletproof inbound scripting

Create a decision tree with up to three inquiries typical to your business. Quick and easy setup with built-in commands, templates, fallback options and color-coding. Agents will use your script or handle calls based on based on your instructions and standard customer service best practices. Script and use cases can be changed at any time based on your business needs. Rest assured, our experienced agents are well trained to handle change requests and are ready to adapt to new requirements.

Designed to handle a variety of essential use cases

Let our pre-selected pool of experienced inbound customer service agents handle your phone calls and represent your business. The average age is 35 with 7+ years of customer support experience representing well know global brands, such as AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, HP, eBay, Shopify or Google. Typical use cases are 24/7 inbound customer service, after-hours calls, overflow call center, inbound customer acquisition, lead qualification and more.

Start outsourcing with ease

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