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Call center services for telecommunications & media industry

An excellent customer service has become a necessity for everyone in telecommunication and media industry. With everyday’s new technologies, customers started to demand more and more, and have raised the level of their expectations. To ensure clients loyalty, telecom companies must strive hard to fulfill the needs of their customers and offer an outstanding customer support. Agents Republic team of telecom experts work with some of the biggest fixed, mobile and satellite companies based in Asia, Europe and North America. We help them overpass client´s challenges and better align their capabilities with today’s consumers. Our telecom team of agents is highly-skilled and experienced for the sector, providing 24/7 service.

Benefits of outsourcing telecom customer support 

Increasing revenue, due to

  • minimizing administrative tasks to your in-house staff
  • increased efficiency by fast, efficient and standardized processes
  • no lost contact with your customers and vendors with 24/7 service coverage
  • no more difficulties due to language barriers – we speak 75+ languages!
  • secure assisted pay-by-phone solution to let your customers pay over the phone right away (PCI-DSS certified)

Optimized costs, due to

  • increased productivity by minimized idle time and maximized utilization
  • cloud-based scheduling enabled flexible staffing to support needs
  • high quality service by trained and certified agents with ownership to provide outstanding support
  • global sourcing that secures best prices and various alternatives for coverage
  • AI-enhanced support solutions to be fast and relevant

More focus on your core business, due to

  • optimizing high volume repetitive tasks
  • less time consuming HR and operations issues
  • peace of mind of working with a professional call center provider

Agents Republic is providing retail call center services with native speaking agents. Our agents are trained and certified to represent global brands. Go the extra mile and stand out of the crowd with our contact center services.

Get started with outsourcing telecom or media support call center services today! Ask for a quote!


  • Looking to improve your customer support services?
  • Is your in-house team is too expensive to handle basic inquiries?
  • Would you like to reach higher ratings in customer satisfaction?
  • Do you want to be contacted easily via phone, email or webchat?
  • Looking for a cost effective solution while you can focus more on your core business?
  • Already thinking to hire a professional call center team?

Which support channels are you interested in?

Select an option

Typical call center services for telecom companies

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 24/7 help-desk, technical support
  • Online product support
  • Order taking
  • Infoline, inquiry line
  • Complaint handling, claims processing
  • Appointment setting
  • Welcome calls, retention calls
  • Cross-selling, up-selling
  • Market research
  • Assisted payments over-the-phone (PCI-DSS)

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