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Agents Republic named as “Emerging Rocket” among BC’s leading top technology companies

Agents Republic, leading provider of customer support and AI data services, was named Emerging Rocket 2021 in BC’s ICT sector for their scalable multilingual model leveraging a decentralized workforce.

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Agents Republic and its Commitment to Fostering an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

Agents Republic and its Commitment to Fostering an Inclusive and Diverse Workplace

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is fundamental to provide a variety of human-focused services worldwide and keep Agents Republic an ideal partner in customer service for globally expanding businesses. But how can you take advantage of remote work and what actions are needed to be more diverse and inclusive?

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Will AI Define the Future of Customer Support?

AI and Machine Learning are becoming a staple in the IT industry, with surprising industries seeking advantages with this exciting field of automation. One of these industries with a constant focus on productivity improvement and automation is the call centre industry. Tech giants are taking their own in-house steps towards automating this labor-heavy market, but how do robots and people work together in a field where 79% of customers still prefer to speak to a human being?

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Customer Support Agent in Mask Representing Preparations to tackle COVID-19

Emergency Scale-Up Customer Service Support Task Force to Help Businesses Impacted due to the Effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Agents Republic provides customer support services with globally distributed home-based workforce. Reflecting on the current situation about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the company launches new emergency scale-up customer service task…
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