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The Netherlands is one of the most flourishing countries in the European Union. It has 17M inhabitants, but Dutch is widely used language in other countries as well, such as Belgium, Suriname (South America), Aruba and the Dutch Antilles (Caribbean). Most notable business hubs are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Tilburg.

Netherlands has a well developed financial system, effective government, great business climate and highly educated workforce. The country attracts multilingual talent from all over the world and is an ideal location for customer support operations.

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Dutch Call Center Services
  • Population: 17M
  • Languages spoken: 77.39% Dutch, 9.88% Other Europeans, 2.34% Turks, 2.29% Moroccans, 2.13% Indonesians, and other Moluccans, 2.05% Surinamese, 0.90% Dutch Caribbeans, 0.23% Other Americans, 2.80% Other
  • GDP PPP (country): $1T (28th)
  • GDP PPP (per capita): $59,105 (13th)
  • Calling code: +31

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