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Germany is the most populous country in the European Union with a booming contact center industry helping global companies with their customer support needs in Europe and abroad.

Germany has 83 million inhabitants and a thriving economy with business and industrial hubs in Berlin, Frankfurt and Ruhr area (Dortmund, Essen). Other major cities are Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart and Cologne. Germany offers highly educated diverse labor force at competitive prices due to moderate wage cost developments and low fluctuation rates.

Agents Republic is a leading customer support provider with track record in handling outsourcing needs of international companies. If you expand to international markets and need scalable solutions to support your German speaking customers Agents Republic is here to help. We can find you the best custom tailored solutions for your support needs.

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  • Population: 83M
  • Languages spoken: 95% German, 2.8% English, 0.75% French, 0.25% Russian, 1.2% Other
  • GDP PPP (country): $4.55T (5th)
  • GDP PPP (per capita): $54,983 (18th)
  • Calling code: +49

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