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No capacities to reach out your current clients at scale?

Want to make sure that your customers are happy and will stay with you for a long time?

If one of those answers are yes, then you are at the right place!

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Welcome calls and retention calls are one of our flagship services. Create a good first impression by having our professional agents call your newly acquired clients to establish solid foundations of a positive long lasting relationship. Welcome calls are typically initiated in the first 30 days of the onboarding process with the goal to help your customers getting started. This gives you the opportunity to greet, offer help and answer any questions they may have. Retention calls are performed periodically with the goal to continuously strengthen the relationship with key client segments, gather invaluable feedback and potentially upsell and cross-sell your products and services.

Benefits of outsourcing welcome calls or retention calls

Increased sales, due to

  • higher customer satisfaction right from the beginning of the customer acquisition stage
  • lower customer attrition as less likely will your customers switch to a competitor
  • increased customer lifetime value

Less costs, due to

  • outbound welcome calls and retention calls can be integrated with your inbound customer support strategy. During the less busy periods our agents can utilize their times to initiate outbound calls

Greater brand equity, due to

  • happy customers who more likely to share their positive experiences
  • ability to reach customers who might not respond to other non-traditional channels

Agents Republic is expert in providing outbound services with native speaking around the world. Our agents specialized in welcome and retention calls are trained and certified to represent global brands. Go the extra mile and stand out of the crowd with our outbound services.

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