Helping businesses support global customers

Call center outsourcing company, Agents Republic, reaches the milestone of 5,000 native speaking agents, each with a specialized knowledge of their regional dialect.

Helping businesses support global customers

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“Agents Republic was formed by industry professionals with a track record of over 15 years operating cloud-based contact centers and outsourcing in 38 countries. Our ‘angels’ deliver exceptional customer service, technical support, back office and sales support with native speaking agents, using state of the art technologies including cloud automation and Artificial Intelligence. We are the top provider and single point of contact for all major projects that need any kind of language or dialect specialty, wherever and whenever. Our goal is to offer fast and flexible scaling to fit customer global market expansion goals,” Papp states.

Speaking on the company’s dedicated services, Papp says Agents Republic offers Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales Support and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Services. According to him, these services are uniquely delivered to clients to help them achieve their organizational goals and various targets.

“Our customer service offers 24/7 customer support, an infoline, complaint handling, problem solving, inquiry handling, appointments, reservations, order taking, and overflow handling. Our help desk provides assistance regarding specific problems with client products or services in multiple channels with 24/7 coverage. Our Sales Support services include customer acquisition, appointment setting, welcome calls, lead qualification, up-selling and retention programs, while our AI Data Services include multilingual training data (dual channel audio file) generation, transcription and labeling as well as data validation,” he explains.

Papp reiterates that Agents Republic empowers businesses with human skills which robots can’t do. He identifies these skills as empathy, curiosity, creativity, intuition, and imagination. According to him, these are all important skills for an exceptional customer experience. He notes that customers want to talk to real people about important questions whether they involve challenges or feedback. He stresses the company’s belief in the power of human interactions, where automation and AI helps professionals be more efficient and informed.

Speaking about Agents Republic reaching a milestone of 5,000 representatives, Papp reaffirms trust in the company achieving client satisfaction through meeting their needs and serving them in the best way possible. He explains that the company refrains from video conversations, guaranteeing anonymity and ensuring that clients are treated with utmost respect, without considering race and other differences.

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