AI Data Services – Boost Your NLP Projects

AI Data Services – Boost Your NLP Projects

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In this rapidly changing world, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are hot topics, especially when it comes to data. Data is the key element of AI solutions, as AI applications need much more data than a human to identify patterns. Data scientists and engineers are looking for high amount of labeled, quality data to train their AI algorithms faster, better and cost-effectively. This article takes a quick glance at the emerging field of AI Data Services and how Agents Republic can get your AI training to the next level with scalable AI training solutions.

A Primer: What Are AI Data Services?

Artificial Intelligence, and its subset Machine Learning, allow computer systems to automatically and independently learn and improve. Through algorithms Machine Learning can discover patterns and correlations and evolve itself when it’s exposed to more data. As such, the quantity and quality of the data that is needed to “train” the AI is a vital part of the whole endeavor. NLP is Natural Language Processing, or in short, teaching an AI to understand human, spoken language. With the advent of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, this field is at the forefront of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

In theory any data can be fed into an AI, however the speed and accuracy of its learning process will be driven by three factors: the quality of the data, the labeling of the data, and the quantity. In NLP AI training, the focus is on getting the most high-quality, labeled data, and as much as possible of it, so the AI can perform and learn optimally.

Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies by Gartner.
Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies by Gartner

Why Are These Services Needed?

The bottleneck for this exciting new field of AI and ML is the fact that there are not enough high-quality, labeled data sets available. Data collection, or data sourcing, has become a difficult task because we are seeing a more varied application of AI, in fields that do not have the labeled data sets needed to properly train the AI. Secondly, even when there are labeled data sets available, the volume might not be enough to train the AI to the desired outcome. 

As data sourcing and cleaning of correctly labeled, high-quality and voluminous data sets are the most time-consuming parts for data science, there is a growing demand for services that provide these data sets “ready to go”. Third party data sourcing already exists, however they are limited to their own existing data sets or business fields and have a hefty price tag. As most NLP AI training focuses on the most spoken languages, other languages may be underserved, while nevertheless being a business advantage when expanding into cross-border markets. NLP AI Data Services that are scalable, multilingual, and cost-effective are the solution to this.

AI Data Services offered by Agents Republic

With our own scalable, proprietary platform, Agents Republic offers data scientists and companies venturing into AI and Machine Learning a fast, dependable, and cost-effective way of generating labeled data, both high in volume and quality. With a database of Agents fluent or native in more than 100 languages and dialects, we can deliver any high-quality NLP AI data source, no matter the quantity. With hands-on experience with scaling projects for NLP AI data sourcing, we offer expertise that is unmatched by other NLP data sourcing companies.

Reach out to us for more information on how we can help you boost your NLP projects with our AI Data Services.

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