Global opportunities for home-based work

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Global opportunities for home-based work

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Do you believe you are a good fit?

We are pleased to be featured in the article published on Tozsdeforum, BTL, Hrpwr, HRPortal and Computerworld about global opportunities for home-based work enabled by technology.

English translation of the relevant section can be found below:

“David L. Papp, who led CloudAgents from startup to a multimillion-dollar company, has recently started his new venture, Agents Republic, providing cloud-based, AI-enhanced remote workforce solutions. EU subsidiary of Agents Republic plans to create at least hundred new jobs. Mr. Papp counts mainly on the multilingual workforce with strong Shared Service Center experience. Although he thinks the world of call centers are more cost sensitive than software development, he can still offer above average salaries, as he says quality has its price everywhere.”

Source: Tozsdeforum, Hrpwr, BTL, HRPortal, Computerworld


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